A little bit about me

Hi there! If we don't already know each other, I'm Jodi.

I'm a full-time elementary school teacher with a most-of-the-time passion for photography. I live in Haldimand County, Ontario and merrily travel about documenting beautiful people during exceptionally happy times.

I'm told that I am wise beyond my years, something I'm not certain is always intended as a compliment – unless of course you want my unsolicited advice about how to live the life you were meant to, and a free motivational quote before bed each night!

I am an active participant in conversations with my parents and grandparents about 'so and so's daughter', who married 'so and so's cousin' and has three kids, one of which I taught, and the other two of which have moved on to 'such and such'.

I enjoy nachos, tights (the kind with the high waist-band), being tricked into exercise, and decorating for Christmas. I am passionate about bettering myself, and as a result, I've acquired an affinity for self-help books. I love my husband Jon and our dog Henry, dearly. One day I hope to add the title of 'mom' to my resume.

I also love you - just the way you are. You are perfect and your life is worth documenting.

My goal as your photographer is to capture images that are authentically you. I want to tell your story and change the way you perceive yourself. At the end of our time together it's my hope that you'll be walking away with high quality, timeless images and a beautiful experience.

How I like to roll

So you've gotten this far and I haven't scared you away...

I'll take it as a win! 

If you've taken the time to peruse the site and review some of my work, you've likely come to the conclusion that I don't shoot overly posey or styled images.  I can tell you that I definitely don't come toting a large bag of props or backdrops, or even a giant suitcase full of camera lenses and flash stands.  I carry a satchel with two of my favourite lenses, a backup equipment bag in the car, a water bottle for proper hydration, and...if you're lucky...I often have a few little sing-alongs tucked into my back pocket (in the instance that you, or one of your smaller family members, needs a pick me up)! 

My style of photography is not for everyone.  That's totally ok!  

What I do is for myself, just as much as it is for my clients.  I want to ensure that the photographs you go home with, are ones that I would want to have on my wall too.  I say this because, if you don't see the type of image you are looking for here on this site, you likely won't have it after your session is done.  I enjoy what I do and I've learned over time that in order for me to continue creating work that inspires me and makes me feel good, I must do what I feel comfortable with; and I find it particularly challenging to try and recreate someone else's work.  

So my advice: if you have your hopes set on one particular style of image, go get it!  Portraits of you and your loved ones are a sound investment.  Don't settle for something that is only going make you (and your photographer) half-way happy. 

My services

Weddings & Engagements:

Simply put, my favourite thing about weddings is the bride and groom.  I love working with couples who prioritize each other above all else when planning their wedding.  Couples who understand that the day of their wedding is not a day for everyone else, it's a day for the two of them to partake in the greatest gesture of all time - committing their lives to one another.  Their whole darn life!  This is why it's always such an incredible honour when I get invited in to this gesture with the bride and groom.  We spend a lot of time and intimate moments together on the wedding day; which is why it's so important that you not only feel comfortable with me, but that you are able to trust me and believe in my vision for your photographs. 

Maternity & Newborn:

I would consider my newborn/baby sessions very intimate.  I travel to you and shoot in the home and nursery.  I use natural window light and do very little handling of the baby (although I love a good snuggle).  My goal is to capture images of the new parents and siblings interacting with their wee one.  Of course, I will still give tips on where to position yourselves in the room, which onesies look the cutest, and do everything I can to to ensure that your stress levels stay at a bare minimum.  

Family Portraits:

Imagine your old-school Sears family portrait with blue back drop, matching collared shirts, and Mom's hands formally folded in her lap while Dad places a gentle hug around his 'girls'.  Memories made?  Definitely!  Now do me a favour and imagine stepping outside, going on a walk, rolling in the grass, Mom and Dad hand-in-hand, and a giant family bear hug at the end.   Memories made?  Times ten! Family portrait sessions are a lot of fun for me. I typically shoot in outdoor locations and I'm always up for exploring someplace new.  I am a huge believer that the more relaxed you feel, the happier you are...and the happier you are, the more beautiful the portrait!  


For more information about pricing and availability please fill out the contact form and tell me more about what you're looking for. 



Find answers to frequently asked questions.


Can you describe your particular style of photography?

I would consider myself a candid lifestyle photographer (if there is such a title). I don't have a studio with backdrops, props, and large flash stands. I shoot with natural light and love to explore as many settings as mother nature has to offer. Even if the day doesn't permit lengthy amounts of time outdoors, I will still try to tie elements of nature into your session.

My favourite images are not forced, overly posed, or commercial looking. You'll often find me sitting patiently in the shadows, waiting to capture authentic reactions and raw emotion. That being said, we all need a little direction from time to time, and I will happily offer a bit of assistance if that piece of hair just won't stay put, you're feeling super awkward, or you need help getting the whole family situated.

Our relationship requires trust and a little bit of faith on your part – faith that I can capture the love, happiness, and joy you're feeling inside.

What are your packages and rates?

Full-day weddings start at $3200.

Portrait sessions start at $300.

If you head over to the contact form and tell me a little bit more about what you're looking for, I can put together a more detailed quote for you.

We just need a few photos. Do you do mini-sessions?

The short answer to this question is no, I don't typically do mini-sessions. In all honesty, by placing a time restraint on a session, I end up feeling super pressured to get to know you, have your children warm up to me, and capture the 'money-shot' all in a matter of 20 minutes. If it's your first time working with me, I highly recommend booking a full-length session where we can all relax and rest assured that you'll have a set of images that are worth your time and money.

For returning clients, I will occasionally set aside one or two weekends during peak times for you to join me for a shorter session at a reduced rate.

Why didn't you give us that one photo you took by the garden?

It sucked.

No really, it wasn't any good...

Part of my job as your photographer is to go back after your session and review, refine, and publish your images. I will often colour correct your photos, add or remove contrast, get rid of that nasty pimple you were concerned about, and create a final product that not only makes you happy, but makes me happy too.

During a typical wedding I will shoot upwards of 4000 images. After revisions, the happy couple ends up with roughly 500 images to cherish forever. If there is a photo you remember posing for that you don't see in your final gallery, it's likely because I'm not perfect. It was over exposed, out of focus, or Grandma's eyes were closed.

Does it matter what I wear? / Can you provide me with some of your unsolicited advice?

You can have the best matching denim outfits that money can buy, a hair and makeup team, and an entire litter of cute puppies with you for your session...and still not be in love with your photos.

Should you plan ahead a little and keep the Crocs in the closet for this occasion? Sure, not the worst idea. However, this is where it's important for me to note that it’s ok to be yourself, love (and even embrace) your imperfections...this in fact, is what makes the most beautiful portraits - not the sunset, fall trees, perfect outfit, hair or makeup.

Learning to love who you are isn’t an easy feat, and being vulnerable enough to have your photo taken can sometimes make this process super challenging. Just remember that what I see from the other side of the lens is a beautiful baby with a superhero mom; a couple in love; the innocence of youth, and the wisdom of age. If you can let go and just be yourself, I'll guarantee you're going to rock it!


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