the mallard duck

Ever look for a sign that you're on the right track?  You know...when you've absolutely no idea where the train you boarded is taking you, and you're dying to know if your destination is 'happily ever after' town, a beach in Tahiti, or a Walmart parking lot?!  

I suppose I could just stick with the motto "you get what you get and you don't get upset", sit back and see where my next station stop is, however; I'm always on the lookout for the DIVINE.  Divine timing, divine messages (or signs), and divine connections.  It's not wrong to want a tiny bit of insight from the big guy upstairs/the universe/He Shou Ji Ju, or whoever else you lean on for answers.  We all need a little reassurance from time to time.  Something that tells us that we haven't strayed too far from the course.

So, I really try and pay attention. 

Recently, when out on a shoot for my new "she is:" project, I had this little guy hop up onto the snowbank when I got out of my car.  He sat there long enough for me to get a good look, snap a few photos, and really start to wonder what he was trying to tell me.

Dweeb Alert***  According to my animal totem guidebook, if a duck shows up in your life, it means that this is a time of fertility (either literally, or metaphorically). It's time to have fun and maybe even get a little silly.  The time of turmoil has passed, and now you can release any pent-up emotions that have been suppressed.  Pretty cool eh?! 

It gets better...

The mallard duck, in particular; tells us that it's a great time for whatever project you're engaged in, a perfect time for productivity.  He tells us that whatever new idea comes to you, you should develop and pursue it's manifestation. 

Well then.  I suppose any questions I had about launching a new website and forging ahead with this little passion project of mine have been divinely answered by a duck in a snowbank! 

(Oh, and just for those of you who agree that this was a magical duck and not some bogus lie I'm telling myself...after my brief encounter with the duck, I went about my business; finishing the shoot and excitedly getting back home to review and edit the images.  As I came to the set of snaps from the pier, my jaw dropped as I clicked on the image of the duck flying away!  Just above him in the sky you'll see a feather.  A sign from the spirit world.)

All is well here. 

Perfectly well. 

Just doing what the duck told me to do...

So what exactly do I have in store for 2018? Well you've found it! 

...a new website AND a new passion project. Yay! 

The project you ask... something that I had been toying with for quite some time, however;  I had struggled to conceptualize it, name it, and implement it.

After admitting to my fears of inadequacy and sharing them with you in my previous FB posts, I had a number of beautiful people reach out to me to say thank you. They thanked me for being candid, and for sharing a little piece of my truth.  It was through their support and sweet gestures, a lot of time staring at a blank computer screen and an empty journal page, as well as a deep yearning for some kind of fulfilment that I knew I wasn't already getting, that it hit me: 

(honestly, it felt as if someone smacked me on the forehead)

I needed to connect my passion for bettering oneself, and finding one's purpose, with my passion for observing human behaviour.  Duh, Jodi!  Use your photographs and your platform for a wee bit of good! 

So, in a nutshell, I decided that this year I would commit to showcasing several individuals who are harnessing the power of their vulnerabilities, seeking their truths, and working their butts off to be the best versions of themselves. I've titled the project, She is: simply because that's what I've asked these women to do; define yourself in one word.  Would your definition match the definition of those that love you most?  Would your self-definition mirror societies markers for who you are (she is: a teacher, a wife, a banker, someone's mom)? Or would your definition reveal something far less superficial, and require you to acknowledge a much deeper truth about yourself? Hmm...Just something to ponder!  

Each month you can anticipate a bit of inspiration from the stories of 11 different women (err...and hopefully I can wrangle a man who is also up for the challenge). 

We began with the Super Blue Blood Moon on January 31, 2018.  Quite possibly the best day in a 150 year span that we will have for releasing the past and setting new intentions.  Selina was first of out of the gate with her story, followed by Natasha in February. If you haven't taken the time to read their stories already, I highly encourage you to do so!  I couldn't have chosen two better women to help me kick off this project. 

Towards the end of each month, be sure to tune in and see who the next feature is.  It's my hope that at some point over the course of this year, we are all able to identify with the stories of these 12 introspective (and incredibly brave) individuals. 

Oh, and if you're going to be on this journey with me in 2018, you're totally going to have to google: full moons, new moons, animal totems, and the like.  Affirmations and universal energies are definitely going to be a common thread here folks! 

Stay tuned...and please, stay in touch. I'll be dying for your feedback. 

Love and light,