I believe in the Force.

I'm not a Star Wars dork by any means. In fact, I didn't actually watch a single Episode until my husband coerced me into it, back when we were dating. However, I can get behind the message. If it's all you're willing to see, there is darkness everywhere you look. I'm mostly a bright side person who leans in to the things that serve a greater purpose. I enjoy playing around with the powers of manifestation, and aim to elevate the energy of those who surround me. (Don't forget to ask me about the "That's my House" story). If you enjoy spending most of your time on the dark side, you'll probably think I'm too much.

I actually look like this.

This is is not a staged photo. I smile a lot when I'm working. It's because I'm genuinely having fun with you. I see you and think you're incredible. I say things like "just one more" and then take 100 more. I will "ooh and ahh", and do stupid dances when I'm happy with how things are going. Of course on the flip side, I'm not ashamed to nix an idea and make a fart noise when it turns out lame. You can trust me. I want you to look as good as you can...because deep down, we both know that you're a smoke show!

I'm a lot more than a photographer.

People are often surprised to learn that photography isn't my first and only career. I'm actually as passionate about public education as I am about photography. For the past 15 years I've lived out September - June as an elementary teacher (which lends itself nicely to being able to build a rapport with children, or wrangle a group of rowdy groomsmen).

Additionally, those aren't paid actors in the adjacent photo. I'm also a pretty dope wife and mom (if you ask me). My daughter's name is Nell, and if she's near you during your session, she'll ask to be in your photos. My son, Perry, is as sweet as they come yet has inherited my eyebrow scowl. Then of course, there's Jon. He's the only reason that I'm able to fill my plate as full as I do. Both literally and figuratively. I love him for his willingness to support me in absolutely every endeavour I embark on.